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Concrete Services & Concrete Coatings

Five Star Concrete Services, Inc. offers a wide range of services for commercial and industrial projects. For over 35 years our staff and technicians have been committed to excellence and dedicated to total customer service. We provide:

Concrete Coatings

Five Star is a regional leader in concrete coating applications. We provide a variety of coating systems across the southwestern U.S. for many industries, including: aircraft hangars, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, veterinary hospitals, schools, resorts, restaurants, food & beverage processing, shopping centers, and warehouses.

We offer a wide range of coating systems which can be tailored to meet each customer's specific needs. Our most popular systems are:

If you are unsure about the type of coating system you need, one of our coating experts will meet with you to help determine the best options for your project.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation for your concrete coating project.

Concrete Services

Five Star Concrete Services offers concrete cutting, core drilling, grinding and break and removal services across the Southwest. We maintain the highest standards for safety and precision, and our Master Operators all have 20 to 25 years of experience in concrete cutting and drilling.

Concrete Cutting

Flat Saw Cutting

Flat saw cutting is the most frequently used concrete cutting method. For flat, horizontal surfaces like floors and pavement, a walk-behind machine is used. For cutting walls and other vertical surfaces, a track mounted system is used. Our machines can make precise cuts in asphalt and concrete up to 14" thick, and we use both gas and electric flat saw machines.

Hand Saw Cutting

Hand sawing is used when the size, location or positioning of the cut makes flat sawing impractical. We offer both gas and electric hand saw cutting for wall openings of any size, whether c/c or CMU.

Flat Saw Cutting

If your concrete surface requires a specific look or aesthetic, just let us know — our skilled crews can cut virtually any pattern or design you have in mind.

Contact Five Star to schedule concrete cutting services.

Core Drilling

We can core through concrete, asphalt or CMU (block) up to a thickness/depth of 6 feet. Our core drilling diameters range from 1/4" up to 24".

Contact Five Star to inquire about our core drilling services.


Concrete grinding involves the use of diamond grinders to smooth uneven surfaces. Grinding is most frequently used to smooth entryways and other high foot-traffic areas, but we can grind indoor and outdoor surfaces of any size.

Contact us to learn more about the concrete grinding services we offer.

Concrete Break and Removal

Five Star provides asphalt and concrete break and removal services, with haul-off to approved dumping facilities. We are a full-service concrete removal company, and offer assistance on all types of break and removal projects, from small demo concrete breaking jobs to major commercial and industrial projects. Breaking out floors for plumbing or excavation, breaking out concrete walls for new doors or windows, breaking out foundations to make room for building additions, breaking up and removing driveways, parking lots or concrete hardscaping ... no matter what your project requires, Five Star is ready to get to work.

Contact Five Star today to learn more about our concrete break and removal services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete Services Questions

What is the largest core we can drill?

We can drill up to 24" in diameter.

What’s the thickest asphalt/concrete we can cut?

We can cut up to 13".

When are we available?

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How far in advance should a job be scheduled?

24 hours is great, but if it’s an emergency give us a call and we will work it in.

What kind of experience do our operators have?

Our Master Operators have at least 20 years of experience. All Five Star employees are required to complete our OSHA compliant safety program and all training begins at entry level, which is our break and removal service.

Concrete Coating Questions

How many days will it take to install?

For proper installation, allow 3 to 5 days for most coating systems.

What kind of floor do I need?

We offer a free consultation to help clients determine the best coating system for their needs.

Can the floor be a non-skid surface?

Yes - each coating system we install can have a skid inhibitor added.

What colors do the coatings come in?

Each system is available in multiple standard colors and most offer custom colors.

How do I clean it?

Cleaning varies depending on the system. Five Star will make sure that you understand the cleaning requirements for the system you choose.

What is the warranty period?

Most vendors offer a one or two year standard warranty.

If you have any questions about our services or the systems we install, please don't hesitate to contact Five Star today.


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